Did I buy this xbox 360 game in french?

I went to EB Games to buy a used Xbox 360 game and when I opened up the case I writing on the disc is in french. Did I just buy a french copy of the game or can the game be played in english? I bought it at an EB Games store in Toronto.


The game I bought was Elder Scrolls Skyrim

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  • opurt
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    8 years ago
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    What game? There have been some cases where all the copies that were sold in Canada had French packaging, but the game itself was fully bilingual -- one example that comes to mind is The Orange Box.

  • 8 years ago

    Could be possible that it is only in French, try finding settings in the game to confirm. Canada sells both English and French versions of many games. I've seen people accidentally buy a dlc in French.

    Source(s): Former Xbox Live/connectivity Agent
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