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Okay, it's between these two laptops:?

This Asus:


Apple Macbook:

It is driving me CRAZY. I feel like I've been heavily researching this past week, if not longer, and I'm so torn. I've always wanted a Macbook and this could be my one chance to finally take the plunge and buy one. I'll be going away to college for a couple of years, so I want a really good computer. On the one hand, I'm not very familiar with the Macbook OS, but on the other hand.... I reeeeally don't know if I'll ever get into Windows 8. The biggest thing I'm thinking is, if I don't go with the Macbook, I will FOREVER be thinking to myself "What if...", you know? I'll be going to school full-time and not be working and it'll probably take some time after finishing school to get a job, so this is the one chance I may have at being able to buy a Macbook. Would any of you please just be willing to give your insights? I would really appreciate it!

* P.S.

I posted another question about whether or not to buy a Macbook, so please forgive me if you recognize me, haha :)

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    8 years ago
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    Go with the asus-unless yours quite good with computers. The software on macs are much more complicated. For uni, the asus will do a much better job.

    Hope this helps!!!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Are you joking? A bottom of the range PC brand Vs a Mac? I know which one i would have. Oh if you dont want the mac OS (and its better than windows) just get it with windows ... shame but it will still be 10 times better than Asus.

    The Mac looks ten times more cooler as well. and will last longer.

  • John
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    8 years ago

    i wouldnt buy either.mac is over priced and more than 85 percent of software is written for pc,not mac. you can miss out on alot. plus,unless your university requires a mac, all the software that comes with books and for specific classes will be in windows,not mac.asus build quality is terrible the last year. the number of complaints with the better business bureau has increased dramatically for asus. there are plenty of good windows 7 laptops out me and i can help you find one.

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