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My husband doesn't touch me anymore, I feel like I'm nothing to him?

I'm 24 he is 28. We have been married for a year. We were engaged when i got pregnant, so we moved up the wedding date. We both love our twin girls, and they are very time consuming, they are 6 months old. He works and I stay home and take care of the kids. I will go back to college to get my MBA soon. He is an architect. He works from 9-6 Monday - Friday. Everyday it is the same thing he comes home, I breast feed, then we eat, he goes and does some work or plays with the kids, while I clean up, then we put the kids to sleeping if he has work left he will finish it, we will watch tv together sometimes, talk about thing, then sleep. He kisses me in the morning and that's it, I have tried to show him that I want to have sex, but he doesn't act obit. The other night we were both in bed and I turn over and kiss him on the neck, he says "I need to go to sleep baby I have a big project in the morning." We haven't had sex or done anything since before the kids were born. Since we didn't have a big wedding and our one year anniversary is coming up we are having a big party, so I have been busy planning that, but if he wants to I am willing. On the weekend we always have something going on. Another family or friend event. i feel like he doesn't think I'm hot like he used to. I have gained weight, but I have lost amost all of it, and I only gained 15Lb. How can I get him to actually want to have sex with me? I feel like in just a boring house wife, like I'm just here to take care of the kids and nothing else. We went out together on dates for dinner three times since they were born, without the kids, but everytime we talk about the kids future or the party or his work. And we dont like leaving the kids that often, even if they are with our parents. i feel like he sees me as nothin anymore. And I don't just want to throw myself at him. I want him to want me like he used to. I know he loves me and I love him.

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    oh god, he is probably tired all the time since he works so much, you are probably tired too. Kids are time consuming and you two are trying to do too much. I can never understand why a guy would marry a girl then start depriving her of sex. I would never do that If i had a wife, but this is what you wanted right? or is it? Married life with kids is usually boring, I doubt I will have kids anytime soon or get married right away, I like sex fun adventure and sexy aggressive women!!!! yeah

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    Is it that serious actually ? I mean try to engage yourself in some constuctive work like MBA. That should keep you busy and occupied.

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    Sounds like he might be getting it somewhere else. Seriously my husband can be so tired but if start kissing him or touching him it happens.

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    Try to talk to him. Seriously have a heart to heart talk with him. Tell him how you are feeling. He doesn't sound like a jerk.

    Good luck

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