Why do people hate popular manga/anime so much?

I mean it's really ridiculous. It got popular for a reason... because it's good. Why do people have to be so hipster? Like people say Naruto is childish and dumb. Well, they have probably been told that alot and when they watch it they just remember all the bad things said about it then completely block the characters emotions and feelings and assume it's "stupid". The only popular anime that I hate is Fairy Tail because it has no basic plot. I only like the Dragonball series because it was original and when you were the first person to do something it turns out crappy. Though, makes amazing products in the end. Example: TV's or video game consoles. People like that piss me off.


Everybody, I think Malcom is trying to speak... what should we do?

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  • Martin
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    8 years ago
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    Well popular things doesn't mean it's good, just look at Justin Bieber (a bit offence intended). Most hate directed towards mainstream anime is mainly because of exactly how bad it is compared to what they have seen or read. Naruto is in fact childish and quite dumb, so I understand exactly why they say it, they're just sharing their opinions as fans of each of the mainstream animes and manga shares theirs. Fairy Tail is a classic example of fairy tail fans vs everyone who dislike fairy tail because of everything it lacks and all of the stupidity pumped into it. People dislike mostly because they do not like it and want to share their opinions on it and know why you think it's good.

  • 8 years ago

    So I had a discussion with some anime club members recently about this exact same thing. So what I was told is it's not so much about they don't like popular anime as they don't like when people say are anime fans and have only seen the dubbed version of pokemon or DBZ. Also I think there is a group of people within every form of entertainment who like to do this . I am going to find the most obscure examples of the genre, and call anyone who likes something that has more than 15 fans a sellout because I want to be original.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    More commonly given that it has a form of story strains (some have experiences that american comics don't touch), and the art variety has one of a kind styles too. I know there are american comics which might be identical in having a sort of artwork styles and experiences too, but most people believe american comics are established on tremendous heroes (this attracts a lot of men frequently, it can be like where's the comics for ladies or all genders to experience?) additionally with the fact that manga/anime can be obvious on-line with ease vs. A comedian publication that if have got to buy to peer or talk over with a library, or publication retailer to see it for free (in case you are real very cheap in paying).

  • Iggy
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    8 years ago

    I wouldn't say that people "hate" popular Anime, (such as Naruto and One Piece,) but rather think that they are way to overhyped and overrated, (which is true if you think about it.) Naruto is the most popular Anime in the west and almost all of its fanbase say that Naruto is the "greatest Anime ever." While the series is okay, (at least in my opinion,) there are plenty of better series out there that aren't as overhyped as Naruto is. Naruto, (and other popular Anime,) also seem to drag on forever. Sure the series was good at one point, (I'm sure most people will agree with that,) but the series is just dragging on and on and a lot of people lost interest since they're pretty much watching the same thing over and over again.

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  • 8 years ago

    Mostly because of fans. Sometimes when you see a bunch of annoying people saying "OMFG THIS THE BEST ANIME EVAHHHH" it puts you off. While I like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and others like that and hate Fairy Tail, Death Note and Code Geass. Why? Fans. I thought Fairy Tail and Death Note were okay, nothing special really, the hype it got just disgusted me. Everywhere you look you see those anime and all the "huge fans" who have seen like 5 animes talk about them. When you say you don't like them you're considered a bad anime fan even though you've seen 6 times more anmie and read 5 times more mangas than them but you're a bad fan because you don't like the popular anime. Conclusion: Death Note and Fairy Tail fandom suck.

  • Bruno
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    8 years ago

    Its really simple. Those series aren't as good as they used to be. Ive been reading Bleach and Naruto and i can say that both used to be much better than they currently are. Its not about the hating its about how people don't understand how those popular series are getting old and repetitive, and just have no open mind to new possibilities and ideas. Hope you can understand this.

  • 8 years ago

    It's because people who like the popular series will always argue about which is best and will never come to a conclusion. And that's why you, will no matter when and where you are, always hear someone saying that they hate a series.

  • 8 years ago

    Naruto is childish and dumb, they make emotions feel overated to me. i don't want to "believe it" every time you get your *** whooped and then amazingly able to stand up again.

    DragonBall was the original and far better because you say how this characters without special powers have to rely and mind and physical prowess to ctually beat that character.

    Dragon ball z was ******* stupid and long at times and will never have th e greatness of the original series

    But to really anwer your question people like what they like , we don't give a flying racon how much we piss you off your not gonna force to like something if we don't want to.

  • cause they're racist

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