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Low carb dieters...questions for you?

How much weight did you lose the first month?

How much have you lost all-together and how long did it take you?

How many carbs a day do you eat?

Are there any low-carb allowed foods that you choose not to eat for health reasons?

How often do you eat?

How often do you exercise?

How do you know when you reach ketosis?

What happened if you ever went off of your diet?

Is hard to keep calories low?

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    I can answer for my husband. This is what has happened:

    1. 13 pounds

    2. 65 pounds in 6 months

    3. Not sure exactly, but he uses to figure it out and goes with their suggestions

    4. He doesn't eat much fruit because he is diabetic

    5. He eats at least 6 times a day, sometimes more

    6. He exercises every day

    7. He doesn't allow himself to get to ketosis most of the time, but a good way to tell is by your breath

    8. He has special treats about once a week, such as a meal out. He just goes right back to normal the next day. Nothing happens.

    9. He doesn't try to keep calories low. He consumes about 2000 calories a day.

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