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How can I convince my parents to let me buy the games I want?

I'm 15, in high school. I'm well rounded and participate in a ton of different extracurricular activities (Robotics club, marching band, light and sound crew for the auditorium, etc.), I'm interested in current events, politics, human rights issues. I'm responsible, have a trustworthy group of friends. They don't have to worry about me. Yet every time I try to buy a new game, they insist upon looking at reviews of the game, delaying talking about it for a month or two, then after all this time they deny me the game. That I'm paying for with my own money-- which I work for. Why, you ask? You would think they have some legitimate reason, some incredibly intelligent response to this. Well, in fact it "goes against our values." What?! They literally won't let me play a violent game NOT because it might disturb me, NOT because it's (if this were the case) racist, homophobic, or misogynistic, but because "we have a philosophical opposition to it." I've asked, they cannot come up with a real reason other than it being against their "values." I have values, ones I care about. They just don't extend into things that AREN'T REAL. I don't extend my values into a fantasy. So essentially they don't like it so I can't play it either. I'm 15. Most people I know can at least be allowed to make their own decisions. I'm not making them play it, it's only me. Anyway, just venting there. But does anyone have experience convincing their parents about these things who can provide some tips? The game in question at the moment is Bioshock Infinite by the way.

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    Keep in mind that Bioshock Infinite is rated M for a reason. I'd be suspect of your parents responsibility if they allowed you to play it without researching it first, since you are under 17 and it is an extremely violent game.

    That being said, if your parents are the kind who place intellectual pursuits above their objection to violence, then you might be able to convince them to let you play Bioshock Infinite. Play up the "theoretical quantum physics" and "turn of the century social problems of America" angles. Other than that, just be thankful that they give a damn, which is rare for parents in the 21st century.

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    It all is determined by how historic you might be if your below 15 I doubt your mothers and fathers would mean you can buy those type of video games. The media makes these violent/First individual shooter games seem bad seeing that they say it is dependable for making youngsters go crazy and shoot men and women and have psychotic breakdowns which I to find surely absurd and no longer proper. So all of it will depend on how relatively strict your mother and father are let them recognize that your in charge and is not going to have any issues and inform them i do know why they feel they should not let you play these varieties of video games.

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    honestly... I agree with your parents. I wasn't playing mature rated games until I turned 17. It's just two years... can you really not wait that long? You will have eternity to play it after you turn 17. Just wait a couple more years. I won't be letting my kids play stuff like that until they're of age. I'm appalled at how many parent's let their seven year olds play call of duty. And besides, not like there is a shortage of video games out there. Just get arkham city, or something else equally as cool like pokemon, w/e

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    Well, I'm not sure... Some parents just won't budge. If you find that they just won't buy you some things, you could opt to play free online games like Battle for Graxia. You can/should sign up here if you'd like:

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    Because you are a little kid, yes you are a little kid, if you are not a squeaker, and you can not play a game 17+ I actually applaud your parents so that you can't ruin the community for us, and even if you do not have online, it is still better that way, so that way you won't turn into a butthole.

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