Do different Human races have different Evolutionary benefits?

For instance is there any benefit in Europeans having blonde hair and white skin, are the Irish having red hair. And why do Native Americans have no Body Hair and, why do some Oriental races have narrow Eyes are why do the Africans have black Skin and black curly Hair?And do any of these differences have any benefit ?And would you slightly feel less comfortable living away from your peoples homeland

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  • 8 years ago
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    The traits we use to define race are very superficial phenotypes that do not segregate with nor accurately reflect deeper genetic relatedness. Which, in lay terms, means that there is no evolutionary difference between the human races. It's just a couple of unimportant traits that vary from population to population.

  • Native Americans certainly do have body hair.....its just not as coarse or dense as some other peoples. And it differs, from Native to Native, tribal Nation to tribal Nation.

    A ridiculous myth that seems to still be making the rounds.

    Plenty of Europeans that do not have blonde hair. In hair is the most dominant human hair colour. White skin is a descriptive term....not based in reality. Europeans come in all shades of pinkish, to dark olive. Plenty of Africans who do not have curly or black hair. In fact there are Africans with naturally occurring blonde hair.

    Social race is a man-made isn't based in genetics or biology. Its based on loose skeletal measurements and superficial phenotypes.

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  • 8 years ago

    No. And most Europeans do not have blonde hair and blue eyes (it is the most common colour combination only in Scandinavia--not in Germany and definitely not in Britain, let alone elsewhere) and most Irish certainly do not have red hair (only 10%), the vast majority having dark brown.

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