Can you help me figure out how much this vintage radio costs?

My mom won it at an auction. It works perfect. Only one thing, It was battery powered but now it only works when its plugged in. Other than that it works perfect. Its an AM radio i believe and it says Motorola on it. I cant find it anywhere online.

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    8 years ago
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    back in those days "battery" meant it worked on a farm house battery system, not a 12 volt car battery. it would be from the 1930's as after the war most farms had converted to regular REA power.

    as with any antique, the value depends on many factors, including condition, rarity, popularity, and documentation. if this radio had been once owned by a famous person for example, it would be more valuable.

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    There are several things that could be wrong,

    any one of which could cause the problem.

    An in-person physical and electrical examination would be necessary

    in order to determine the nature of the trouble and try to correct it.

    Consult an audio/video/radio repair shop for further assistance.

    If you want to get an idea of the value of the radio,

    one easy method is to consult a price guide.

    There are a number of radio price guide books on the market.

    Keep in mind that the values in such books are usually only good for

    radios in top condition, and what you might be able to get for yours

    would likely be considerably less.

    Another way is to look for similar items on ebay.

    Hint: Most vintage Motorola radios aren't worth much,

    but there are a few models that can bring significant prices.

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