If I could heal every sick person and chose not to because they didn't like me?

you wouldn't have much respect for me, would you? Why does your god get a free pass?

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  • c3pnis
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    8 years ago
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    Because you don't offer a beer volcano and a stripper factory in the afterlife, and the FSM does.

  • 8 years ago

    God doesn't let you suffer because you don't like Him, you suffer because of the choices you make. Along with free will comes the authority to make decisions. Some of those cause consequences.

    Believers get sick, die, suffer also.

    But to get a better understanding of the question you ask, you must first know that for Christians- death is not punishment. And tragedy has a purpose.

    God may let things happen but He doesn't do anything to hurt you. He wants the best for you and sometimes to get whats best for you, you must go through things in life.

    He loves you regardless of what you believe.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Jehovah, the true God, does not cause suffering. Please read the following excerpt, because it's really important; it's also really important that you get to know who God REALLY is. So many people have been fooled and lied to their whole lives.

    10 To find out why God allows suffering, we need to think back to the time when suffering began. When Satan led Adam and Eve into disobeying Jehovah, an important question was raised. Satan did not call into question Jehovah’s power. Even Satan knows that there is no limit to Jehovah’s power. Rather, Satan questioned Jehovah’s right to rule. By calling God a liar who withholds good from his subjects, Satan charged that Jehovah is a bad ruler. (Genesis 3:2-5) Satan implied that mankind would be better off without God’s rulership. This was an attack on Jehovah’s sovereignty, his right to rule.

    11 Adam and Eve rebelled against Jehovah. In effect, they said: ‘We do not need Jehovah as our Ruler. We can decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong.’ How could Jehovah settle that issue? How could he teach all intelligent creatures that the rebels were wrong and that his way truly is best? Someone might say that God should simply have destroyed the rebels and made a fresh start. But Jehovah had stated his purpose to fill the earth with the offspring of Adam and Eve, and he wanted them to live in an earthly paradise. (Genesis 1:28) Jehovah always fulfills his purposes. (Isaiah 55:10, 11) Besides that, getting rid of the rebels in Eden would not have answered the question that had been raised regarding Jehovah’s right to rule.

    12 Let us consider an illustration. Imagine that a teacher is telling his students how to solve a difficult problem. A clever but rebellious student claims that the teacher’s way of solving the problem is wrong. Implying that the teacher is not capable, this rebel insists that he knows a much better way to solve the problem. Some students think that he is right, and they also become rebellious. What should the teacher do? If he throws the rebels out of the class, what will be the effect on the other students? Will they not believe that their fellow student and those who joined him are right? All the other students in the class might lose respect for the teacher, thinking that he is afraid of being proved wrong. But suppose that the teacher allows the rebel to show the class how he would solve the problem.

    13 Jehovah has done something similar to what the teacher does. Remember that the rebels in Eden were not the only ones involved. Millions of angels were watching. (Job 38:7; Daniel 7:10) How Jehovah handled the rebellion would greatly affect all those angels and eventually all intelligent creation. So, what has Jehovah done? He has allowed Satan to show how he would rule mankind. God has also allowed humans to govern themselves under Satan’s guidance.

    14 The teacher in our illustration knows that the rebel and the students on his side are wrong. But he also knows that allowing them the opportunity to try to prove their point will benefit the whole class. When the rebels fail, all honest students will see that the teacher is the only one qualified to lead the class. They will understand why the teacher thereafter removes any rebels from the class. Similarly, Jehovah knows that all honesthearted humans and angels will benefit from seeing that Satan and his fellow rebels have failed and that humans cannot govern themselves. Like Jeremiah of old, they will learn this vital truth: “I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.”—Jeremiah 10:23.


    15 Why, though, has Jehovah allowed suffering to go on for so long? And why does he not prevent bad things from happening? Well, consider two things that the teacher in our illustration would not do. First, he would not stop the rebel student from presenting his case. Second, the teacher would not help the rebel to make his case. Similarly, consider two things that Jehovah has determined not to do. First, he has not stopped Satan and those who side with him from trying to prove that they are right. Allowing time to pass has thus been necessary. In the thousands of years of human history, mankind has been able to try every form of self-rule, or human government. Mankind has made some advances in science and other fields, but injustice, poverty, crime, and war have grown ever worse. Human rule has now been shown to be a failure.

    16 Second, Jehovah has not helped Satan to rule this world. If God were to prevent horrible crimes, for

  • 8 years ago

    Your premise is flawed because God does heal everyone; just not always in the manner you may seek.

    Some people recover from their illness, others live with it (and in doing so, may not do something otherwise thought risky) and others pass over to the next realm where there is no suffering.

    This is why you are not God; He knows what's better for us than you ever will.

    Source(s): Russian Orthodox
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  • 8 years ago

    The invisible Kingdom of Christ is in the east and up beyond our Republican wing and up on the east side of the cross and you will never be told this in any local church but only people up in our Republican wing face their God given future ALL THE TIME. Down in our Democrat wing the opposite occurs as every one in our nation descends from the womb and ends up in this godless atheistic interfaith multicultural democracy that is Lucifer's church of the natural born because this church naturally faces Lucifer's eternal Kingdom which means they have their back turned to the future all the time and of course they will end up in hell. The supernatural road that heals the body, flesh emotions and all else is the Spirit led road that is ABOVE the realm of the flesh because the east up road in Scripture is always the supernatural road because it leads east and up to the invisible Kingdom of Christ. The tree of Life is up in the Kingdom of Christ and the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil is still down in Lucifer's eternal Kingdom making people sick because they do not obey Scripture and "Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God."

  • 8 years ago

    In all my reading l never came across God not healing somebody simply because He did not like them even though that is very common with humans..

  • 8 years ago

    How did you come to the conclusion that God only heals those who like Him or follow His commands?

    Source(s): LOB
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I can relate. As a doctor, I opt to not treat my patients *all the time*.

    Seriously - if you're gonna grow long hair, I'm not gonna save you. How hard is it to read the sign plastered above my office?

  • Barry
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    8 years ago

    I suppose the same reason people think they cam choose to disobey God, but then expect him to answer all their prayers immediately, and get a free pass.

  • 8 years ago

    God will heal you, but will you thank Him?

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