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How can I stop feeling awkward?

I simply have too much self awareness. I don’t necessarily think I act awkward, it’s the fear of feeling awkward and uncomfortable that stops me from going outside my comfort zone. I just automatically feel awkward when I meet new people no matter their sex, but once I can be comfortable around them and be myself it’s effortless. I think it’s a combination of being extremely insecure with everything and constantly thinking/analyzing things.

I’m only myself around guys I know aren’t interested in me, because it takes away the pressure. I honestly prefer being alone cause there’s no stress or anxiety. I always sabotage when a guy shows interest. I met this cute, smart and sarcastic guy the other day, he asked for my number and we were just texting and then he calls me…so I didn’t answer out of the fear of feeling awkward and it kind of ruined things. I’m just always creating boundaries for myself and it seems to be stopping me from living.

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    here's a philosphy that helped me alot

    "self images are a delusion"

    translation- why worry about what you like to other people when it's:

    1. inaccurate

    2. everyone else is wondering what they look like to you


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    he's your loved ones dude, you would be stunned how lots you have in consumer-friendly. My older brother is gay and that's no longer awkward. there is a lot of issues to speak approximately and do this don't relate to the alternative intercourse, and that would desire to help alleviate the "awkwardness". specially cases i will by twist of destiny say something like "oh that's incredibly gay" or something, and that i will sense awkward yet i'm uncertain he even notices or cares. do exactly no longer cope with him so in yet otherwise, i think of that's what bums a brilliant number of gay human beings out approximately their families and social circles, is that folk anticipate they are from yet another planet only because of the fact they are involved in the comparable intercourse. attempt to get to appreciate him, and shop an open innovations. you do no longer might desire to keep away from the priority, only be conscious. i'm guessing he's probably only as worrying being around you as you're around him. i think of you will comprehend that he's as frequent a guy or woman (and as unique a guy or woman) as all people else. I mean a minimum of you recognize he's gay suitable, does no longer or no longer that's worse in case you probably did no longer understand?

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    Look at it as if you were watching yourself and everyone else. Like a 3rd person point of view. Do you only focus on yourself? Or do you focus on others too? It's like that in people's eyes. They don't really focus on anyone that long, and most of the time, they don't care what strangers do.

    Anyway, just imagine that. Look at the big picture.

    Whenever I walk in front of a group of people or whatever, I get the feeling that they're all focused on me but then I see a lot of people who is doing the exact thing I'm doing and I realize it's really not that big of a deal. Like I'm not alone in this and you aren't either. If it makes it easier to understand, just think "Hey, I'm just another person in the crowd"

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    You have to talk to people you are attracted to or are attracted to you or you will never progress. I had the same issue in high school and have been single a while because of it. I'm still building confidence with women I'm attracted to. The only way out is to talk in person and on the phone because in texts you can be a completely different person. You are sort of like me in a female body but I'm less restrictive.

    Source(s): male same issue for some time.
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