do i need a bow press to resting a compound bow?

ok so i have a chance to buy a diamond infinite edge bow that has a draw weight of 5-70# the person im buying from said he broke the string so i will need to restring it. i was thinking that since i can adjust it to 5# that i can save some money to do it myself because a 5# bow doesn't seem to dangerous. and if i do need a bow press can i just buy a Bowmaster Bow Press (only $50). lastly do you think that $200 is a good deal for this used infinite edge with a broken string with 5 arrows, stabilizer and silencers.

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  • dumdum
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    8 years ago
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    It is a fantastic buy...provided there is no major damage to the bow from dry firing it. So do just as Justin said..let the archery shop check it out for damage when they replace the string.

    I once had a hairline crack in my riser caused by a draw could not be seen unless the bow was drawn back....I had to have someone check it as I drew back the string. Damage sometimes is almost impossible to see.

  • Justin
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    8 years ago

    You're going to need to buy a string anyway. If you buy it from an archery shop they can check the bow out and will usually put the string on for free.

    $200 is a good price for that bow.

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    "targetbutt" has related most often the basics of recurve versus compound. Hearken to him. Only one factor (or two): It does not take "so much" to kill a deer with a bow -- correctly, it takes handiest 20 kilos of draw-weight. What is needed -- no matter what style/kind/weight bow you happen to have/use -- is accuracy, penetration and accuracy. When you miss even as using a 70-lb bow, you continue to is not going to kill the deer...And if the arrow doesn't penetrate deeply sufficient in the right position, that deer will most often live to don't forget your arrow. Anyone who says that simplest compound bows are "strong enough" for use for looking must do a variety of research on bowhunting with Primitive archery apparatus. In the end, primitive equipment has been used for enormous quantities of years, and quite easily. *edited to add: If anybody does not wish to agree with whatever, that is ok with me. However as an alternative of giving a "thumbs down" just when you consider that you do not like what has been stated perhaps you will have to do the research...Unless you're terrified of studying.

  • 8 years ago

    a lot happens to a bow when the string fails,,i would take it to a archery shop before the purchase ok be safe first

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