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why do ''some'' girls think i look hot and exotic and others are not even looking at me.?

Its wierd..

but im croatian and portuguese, i have dark black slighty long hair, and really green eyes, oliven colored skin, and like some girls like my look ( latinos, asian, arab etc), i live in Denmark, and the danish women/girls dont seem to like my appearance..


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    I know plenty of Danish women who are dating or married to exotic looking men, myself included. It is a matter of personal preference - and personality. If not a single Danish woman/girl seem to like your appearance, then maybe it is not your appearance that is the issue, but something else.

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    The same happens to me when I visit in Sweden. Everyone's blonde and blue eyed there, you'd think they'd appreciate something different. I think guys do, definitely turn some heads but girls seem to not like the "exotic" look. Either because they're jealous since they look just like everyone else, and you get boys' attention or because they simply think they look better!

    How about boys?

    Anyways, dont worry about it! As long as YOU like yourself you shouldn't worry :)

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    Personal opinion. Some may find that your skin and eye colours clash, others probably believe they compliment themselves.

    Source(s): Experience!
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    Everybody has different types. You can't expect to attract everyone

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