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golden bamboo rhizomes in pots?

First off, I live in a high rise and have been looking for something to add privacy along one side of my balcony.

A friend surprised me yesterday with three Golden Bamboo Rhizomes that he ordered online. Obviously, being on a balcony, I planted these in a fairly large planter. The instructions said that if I was planting them in a pot, to set the rhizomes up vertically, leaving 2" exposed.

I've been doing a lot of research, and have not seen anything about plating rhizomes vertically. I am also concerned about the exposed roots, do I need to cut them off?

In the end, my main question is: How long should I expect to wait for these to grow. I've read it grows at an extremely fast rate, but I don't know if that includes growing from rhizomes or any other factors.

I sure hope I didn't mess anything up, because these will look beautiful when they are established. The nosy neighbors in the surrounding balconies will be jealous.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    It means that the eyes or tops should be planted facing the sky. Hops also should be planted this way. They will grow as long as the roots are in the dirt and the tops are facing skyward.

    Don't over water. good luck!

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