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What body determines medical standards for the US military?

How do they arrive at their decisions? How are the members chosen? Basically, how does a particular medical requirement for enlistment come into being?

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    Like civilian companies they do a job anaylsis. They also survey soldiers and units to find the best soldiers in each job. There physical and mental attributes are recorded and those standards are used in a qualitative and qualitative study.

    The reason is simple, if the best soldiers in the units are happy with there job, it stands to reason that someone with similar qualities would be happy as well.

    Other medical standards are common sense. Like Asthma, during training the military uses riot control gas. Sometimes this can cause a person with reactive asthma to actually have there lungs shut down and nothing can be done about it. So, the military wants to train you not kill you....

    The standards are a joint effort from all branches of the service and administered by the Military Entrance and Processing Stations. Under some circumstances waivers can be given, but that depends on the condition and the job the future service member might hold.

    If they allow someone to join with an illness, it is an increase in medial care costs that the service will have to pay, also, at the end of there service, they could be entitled to a VA disablilty for the rest of their lives. That can get expensive.

    Hope this helps.

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    The condition is evaluated and they determine whether or not that condition could possibly negatively effect someone in a combat situation or position of power.

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