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My dance teacher wants me to?

Wear sweatpants or leggings to class (im in hip hop and and im a girl) but where i live its super hot and the dance studios air conditioning works barely half the time..I dont get why he wants us to wear pants its not like we spin on the floor and breakdance i dont even think we do hip hop but whatever should i go against the rules and just wear my shorts (im a gymnast to so my knees and shins are very strong and can hit the floor without any pain)


There is no dress code

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    If the class has a dress code or the teacher has specifically asked you to wear something, then it is very disrespectful to go against that if the teacher has told you what to wear. If you really feel strongly about this, then you need to ask the teachers permission to wear your shorts, they are more likely to allow it if you show respect and ask first, than if you go ahead and do it anyway.

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    Well if it is dress code you have to.. I would wear really thin leggeings or tights that you can roll up with shorts on top. The leggings will soak up the sweat anyways.

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    If there is no dress code then they really can't tell you not to wear them. I do know though that my teachers require us to wear tights if we wear shorts to class. Try wearing dance tights and then shorts with them because that may be why he wants you to wear pants- because its sometimes gross not to wear anything on your legs at dance.

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