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In an investigation, what is the benefit of measuring temperature with a smaller resolution?

In other words, in the image below, how could the candidate have received a full 3 marks in the question?

You can find the experiment on this page:

Press Ctrl+F and search for "electric immersion heater or bunsen" for the method.

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    Resolution limits the size of the change in temperature that you can detect. For example, if the thermometer has a resolution of 1 degree, then it can only detect changes that are on the order of 1 degree or higher. So if the temperature changed by 0.1 degree, it would not be able to measure it.

    From your experimental measurement, the resolution is not appropriate because, the measured changes in temperature was about 1 degree, which is the resolution of the thermometer so the uncertainty or error in the measurement is about the same as the change in the temperature 1 degree +/- 0.5 degrees.

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