ok so i have a acrostic poem for the large intestine and i don't know what to use for 2 letters?

its for my project at school and this is what i have so far

Large intestine gets rid of extra broken down food

Anus is where the waste goes out

Rectum is at the end of the large intestine

Gets rid of all waste

Ends at anus

Important to the digestive system


The digestion process starts with the mouth and ends with the large intestine

Extra broken down food particles leave the small intestine and enter the large intestine

Surgery is one of the treatment options for colon cancer

Tenderness in the lower abdomen is a sigh on colon cancer

It is about 5ft long or 1.5meters


Excretory system helps the large intestine

it can be anything, but keep it to a 7th grade level and no random comments thank you and please reply ASAP!

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  • 8 years ago
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    No digestion happens here, water is absorbed.

    Never cut out fibre to keep healthy?

    Egestion would be better for the last line.Excretion is more to do with carbon dioxide and urine production. (Waste products of chemical reactions in the body)

    Hope this helps.

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