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Period question? Help?

I got my period in the 6th grade. I am 15 years old. Its been regular for a while now and its always come near the end of the month around the 27th or so. But lately its been coming earlier and getting worse? Like its been coming in the middle of the month around the 16th instead, and my symptoms have worsened. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?

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    Your body's stasis changes over time. Especially around pubescent years. Try taking midol or pamprin, using heating pads on your stomach and lower back, and stretching your lower body twice a day. This will often help alleviate symptoms. If it gets unbearable, go to the doctor. It could be a more serious issue.

    I wouldn't worry too much right now though, you haven't had your period for a long time yet, your body is probably still finding its natural rhythm. It takes time, and can shift even up into your 30s. The female reproductive system is a finicky thing!

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    You're still pretty young, and your body is still going to change...I say it's just your body changing.

    I wasn't as young as you when I got mine, but when I first got it, it was the easiest, shortest, pain-free thing...I didn't understand why girls would go home in the middle of the day because of "cramps" because I never got them. But within a couple years, it got progressively worse, and it'd come sooner or later than expected. I am regular now, but I'm also on birth control.

    You can either wait it out, and see if it goes back to normal, or realize that it's normal now. You may notice that you're always gettting it around the middle of the month and that might be your "normal". Or you can get on birth control (which isn't just used because someone is sexually active), it'll help with your regularity and mood swings, cramps etc...

    But for now, just wait it out a little bit.

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    Periods change all the time and Febuary has just come and thats a shorter month so it will cause it to come a bit earlier

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