He is younger than me but i really like him, should i tell him how i feel?

So he is my ex's bestfriend (2 years younger than me) but we recently became really good friends and we talk every single day. When he sees me he waves and sometimes he comes and say "hi!". We even made nicknames for each other! He has a girlfriend, and once i said "what if your girlfriend whom you like so much sees us?" He said "She's my girlfriend but you're my soul mate, my life, my everything ♥!"

He sometimes tells me really sweet things such as "you're beautiful!" and he usually compliments me. What i really appreciated from him, is when he sent me a song and asked to listen to that special part when the singer is saying "Remember that place we used to meet in, that moment when you gave me love and caring.." He told me to try to not forget about him because after 2 months and a half i'll have to move from that school to another and maybe i'll never see him again!

Once he told me something that touched my heart and made me cry! He said "Please don't forget me. and don't think that i can forget you because i'll forget myself but i'll never forget you" :'(

Sometimes i feel confident that he likes me but when i remember about his girlfriend, i feel like it's never going to happen.

Right now, i'm so sad because soon i'll leave and maybe i'll never see him again. I really wanna tell him but i'm afraid if he rejects me especially because i'm his bestfriend's ex! I'm afraid if my ex and him fight. I'm really confused and upset but somehow i know i gotta tell him before leaving because once i'll leave, i'll keep missing him and regretting that i didn't tell him.

Please help me! You think he likes me? (I didn't tell you all of the things he does or tells me because they're so many good things) Should i tell him?


He hugs me sometimes when his girlfriend is not there but he does that in front of my ex but my ex doesn't do anything, he just looks to me then try to make us separate.

He kissed me several times

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You can't strike out if you don't swing.

  • David
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    it sounds like he is interested in you. Tell him.

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