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My stomach hurts every time I swim.?

I feel like I have a mix of diahrrea and gas whenever I swim which is about 3 hours everyday. Can anyone suggest anything that will eliminate the diahrrea and gas?

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    Possibly. What time of day do you swim? Right after a meal? Is there a consistent food that you always eat (or usually) less than an hour before swimming?

    As a swimmer who eats dinner immediately before, I've found that certain foods have different effects on me while I practice. High in fat foods, especially meat (and almost always chicken) tend to make me feel uncomfortable during practice. Protein-rich foods such as peanut butter and hummus, along with starchy stuff like bananas and pasta don't seem to cause this problem.

    If you eat like I do - within half an hour of swimming, try experimenting with your pre-swim meal. You may find that some foods make you feel less uncomfortable.

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    eat better?

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