What does it mean if a girl says "I might have" gone to prom with you?

Ok. The girl in question lives a good distance away from me, so I couldn't have actually asked her to prom. We're going to the same college though, and we've made plans to hang out a lot more when we get there. So I figured that the next best thing was to tell her that although I'm not going to my prom (because there's nobody I would want to go with in my high school), I would have asked her had we gone to the same school. Her response was "I might have".

Now, does that mean that she's totally not interested and that she's just being nice and that I should abandon all hope, does it mean that she might be interested if she got to spend some more time with me, or does it simply mean that she might have gone with me, had I asked her?




Ok, I can live with that! I just want to make sure I didn't screw everything up by saying something like that too early.

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    8 years ago
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    It means you're overthinking it. She probably didn't put much thought into the answer, considering it was hypothetical, or she's talking in some kind of crazy code. Either way, you're not going to figure anything out from this interaction and I suggest you move on like nothing happened and you will find your answer soon enough through your future relationship with her.

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