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What does it mean to bond with someone?

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    To Bond is to form a strong relationship with another person, an unseen connection or pull do to similarities or familiarity some times its undefined, but its just something spiritual, emotional, and even magnetic... something you know is there, and in my opinion cant be explained by science. not those other stupid answers. and when a bond is formed, even though it seems like its gone... it never really is, :) and this is because once a bond is formed there is always gonna be something preserving it, connecting who ever has bonded forever. rather it be the Time, the memories, or just the moments that made it so special, that it bonded the two people.

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    To bond means to get attached. The best way to do this is by using a rope.

  • It means to tell them that you are Bond, James Bond...

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    To bond with someone simply means to get along with him/her.

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