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will me and my ex boyfriend craig get back together?

he and i broke up and it has been going on 3 yrs and he has gotten married but i was just wasn't sure what the future brought for us we still talk

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    Nope. He still talking to you because he knows you want to. He keeps you waiting around for him when he's already started on someone else. If he married someone now there's no way you'll be getting together. If it was 3 years or 3 weeks and he wasn't married then there would be a possibility.

    I know how you feel you are like attached to him because he moved on first. But you need to cut connections with him. That way he doesn't feel like he still has you without cheating on his wife.

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    The fact it's been 3 years and he married someone else means he's moved on. If it had been 3 weeks since you broke up, then you might get back together. But if he wanted to be back with you, he wouldn't have married someone else

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    8 years ago

    NO. He is married now. He doesn't want you. If you're still talking to him your only getting false hopes up. Unless you want to be his doormat. When he gets mad at her he will run to you (for sex) but then he will go back to his wife.

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