Being bullied please help?

I have a former friend who keeps bullying me ! Like everything I say she has to comment on in a snotty way! She is also gangs up on me with other kids in the class by mimicking me and when another kid makes fun of me she hi fives them and laughs !!! I don't know what to do ??? And the teacher never notices it !! And she always follows me and copies what I do like I started wearing make up and a day later she starts wearing makeup too!!! Please help have no clue on comebacks or what to do

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    8 years ago
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    first: TELL. Make sure your parents tell the school. Make them aware so that they can't pretend they didn't know and you have the basis for a lawsuit after the bullying escalates.

    Second: Consider switching schools. Those who say "tough it out" don't have kids that were driven to suicide. Tough it out my hind end. DO what's best for you.

    Third: Start carrying pepper spray. a woman gave her bullied son a taser. I'm not recommending that, but there's no teacher or administrator who will lift a finger to help you. That's why bullies win.

    Read the story of Bailey O'Neill, who was in a fight with some bullies, was hospitalized and in a coma, and died. The shool gave his bullies three whole days suspension. The outcry was so bad the PD is getting involved, but to date the bullies haven't been arrested OR charged with anything. The school is only to happy to let you die, to for pitys' sakes, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

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