Would this be a successful business?

I've got this idea for a business. A pawn shop/ liquor store situated in the ghetto with me operating it behind a layer of bullet proof glass. People would come and sell their stuff and they would go right next door to buy liquor. I would then get rid of their stuff quickly by putting it up on craigslist. How's that for an idea?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Considering you cannot put it on Craig's List immediately but have to hold it for 30 days to give the person the opportunity to retrieve it, not to mention the probability that the licensing authority (yes you need a license for both businesses) is probably not going to give you both licenses plus the added possibility of theft (remember, you need to store all that stuff for 30 days), etc., your overhead (your insurance is going to be sky high) plus the fact you need cash reserves may inhibit your chance to make a profit.

  • 8 years ago


    no more

    liquor stores

    pawn; maybe

    Cragis list is run by nigerians stay away from it

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