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can't detect wifi adapter?

i'm using this laptop... but it can't detect wifi adapter.... so i can't using internet browser..

need help for driver internet adapter...

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  • 8 years ago

    Not every sentence has to end with ellipses, but your adapter should have come with a disc that has drivers on it. Run the disk if it did. Check on your device manager (Start Menu > Search > "Device Manager") And make sure it is detected there, if it isn't then it's a faulty adapter. If it is detected there, make sure your laptop doesn't have an internet adapter built in (I suspect it won't if you need an external one) so your laptop will try to access internet via the Adapter.

    Lastly, make sure you're actually testing weather you can go on the internet or not. It's not a case of plugging it in and clicking on the internet logo. You have to go through your wifi (Bottom left icon on the tray in windows vista, 7 & 8, in control panel on xp) and make sure that you're actually connected to a wifi.

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