Time Travel Book. Guy looks at items from the past and travels to that time?

Looking to find the name of this book I read.

It is about a a young man who unintentionally travels through time. It starts with him watching a documentary about Russia or somewhere, and then he suddenly is in the scene on screen. He keeps traveling backwards like this, one time he looks at a painting and travels when it was being painted.

Things that happen in the story:

The painter takes him as an apprentice for a while, and discovers a Polaroid photograph on the kid and accuses him of witchcraft because it unnatural. Another time, he pays for food with modern money and is accused of stealing. He finds an opal and manages to sell it for some correct money. He gives a monk a pocket calculator and the monk becomes obsessed with testing the limits of it's calculating abilities.

I read this story in middle school, so it is at least 6-7 years old.

1 Answer

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