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Hannah asked in HealthOther - Health · 8 years ago

Can I give blood if I don't eat?

I am on a juice cleanse and therefore will be eating nothing for three days, just juice. I am giving blood on day 2... will I pass out?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You absolutely can not give blood if you're not eating. No.

  • 8 years ago


    "You must weigh at least 110 lbs to be eligible for blood donation for your own safety. Students who donate at high school drives and donors 18 years of age or younger must also meet additional height and weight requirements for whole blood donation (applies to girls shorter than 5'6" and boys shorter than 5').

    Blood volume is determined by body weight and height. Individuals with low blood volumes may not tolerate the removal of the required volume of blood given with whole blood donation. There is no upper weight limit as long as your weight is not higher than the weight limit of the donor bed/lounge you are using. You can discuss any upper weight limitations of beds and lounges with your local health historian. "


    Source(s): Raised three grown children, Teen Mentor, Teen Advocate, Active in Community and Social Issues involving youngsters (under 18), Sexual Abuse Victim Advocate, Sexual Abuse Survivor, Internet Research, Internet Safety, YA Community Volunteer.
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