What do these income requirements mean?

Income Restrictions

In order to qualify for our income restricted units you must have a total combined income under the amount below.

% 1 person 2 people 3 people 4 people

30 $15,390 $17,580 $19,770 $21,960

40 $20,520 $23,440 $26,360 $29,280

50 $25,650 $29,300 $32,950 $36,600

60 $30,780 $35,160 $39,540 $43,920

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  • 8 years ago
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    You copied this from a public housing list. The housing projects are seperated by groups, the 30,30,50,60 is a group name, it is the percentage of median income. The people who earn 30% of median are not living in the same project as the 60%.

    You find your income on the chart, and then the % group tells the social workers which hosing projects you may qualify to live in (there is more required then just low income, like working 32 hours a week, being disabled, etc).

    Once the social worker qualifies you they will give you a list of the housing projects for your group that have a vacancy.

  • 8 years ago

    Assuming that the first column is the percent of listed rent you would pay in a restricted income rental, if you are single (1 person) and you income was below $15,390, you pay 30% of the listed rent, if you income is between $15,390 and $20,520, you pay 40% and so on.

  • 8 years ago

    It means that if your income is over those limits, you don't qualify, just like it says.

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