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Algebra homework help!?

Solve for n.

22 + n - 7 = 8n - 3n + n

Please help me solve this! Be very descriptive! I keep coming up with 5 for my answer for someone reason please help me!!

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    22 + n - 7 => n + 15

    8n - 3n + n => 6n

    so, n + 15 = 6n

    => 5n = 15

    i.e. n = 3


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    This problem is asking you to manipulate that equation so only n is by itself on one side of the equation.

    22 + n - 7 = 8n - 3n + n

    So from the start you can see that there are only n with a power of 1. So what the coefficients (the number in front of the n) mean are that you have multiples of n. For example, 8n means n+7n, which means n+n+6n, so on and so forth till you get n+n+n+n+n+n+n+n. n is really 1n. So knowing this, we can take 8n-3n+n and see that that equals 6n, because 8-3+1=6. Similarly with the other side of the equation.

    (22 - 7) + n = 15+n


    15 + n = 6n

    Now we want to get only n's on one side, and when you take something and move it over to the other side, it changes sign. What you are really doing is adding or subtracting that value from both sides of the equation, to keep them equal. So:

    15 + n = 6n

    15 + n - n = 6n - n

    See that we want n by itself, so we subtract it from both sides.

    15 = 5n

    Now we want to divide both sides by 5 so you have something on one side of the equation and only n on the other.

    15 / 5 = 5n / 5

    3 = n


    n = 3

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    n=3 you have to subtract n from the left side of the equation and do the same for the right. Then you simplify and solve for n. I got 15=5n ans from there 3. Plug 3 back in to the original formula ans you will are everything equals out

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    You keep getting 5 because the answer is 5 n=5

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