Sewing help: how to make a skirt nice and flowy?

I'm making a costume (the black dress):

And I have a question about the skirt part of the dress. It needs to be nice a flowy but there aren't any pleats(maybe 4 small ones at the waist of the front piece) and I can't use elastic. I was thinking of cutting the pieces for the skirt at an angle. Would that work or is there another way (that isn't too complicated) that would work.

Thank you in advance!!

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    The skirt is made with many panels -also known as gores -and they fit close at the waist and hips then flare outward to the hem. The more panels -or gores -the more flowy the skirt. Most of these skirts have a minimum six gores, some have eight or more. A six gored skirt has the seams line up with the bust darts, the side seam, and the back darts. It's not complicated and gored skirts look elegant and sophisticated when cut knee length and flowy and romantic when cut to floor length

    Yes, these gores are cut on an angle. Like I said, they fit close at the waist and hip and angle out from there. In some very full skirts small triangles known as Godets are inserted into the seams for swing and flow.

    Here's a quick'n'dirty sketch of what a flared skirt gore looks like This sketch is a dress I made, if you look at the hem you can see that the skirt gore seam splits and there's a godet added:

    That should give you an idea of how these full and flowing skirts are made. Experiment with small scale models, cut a few different angled panels, sew them together and see how they flow and drape, you'll soon figure out how to get the flow and drape you need without elastics, pleats or anything bulky.

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    it is cut on the bias. and you need fabric that has a very nice drape to it.

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