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I have a track meet next weekend and they put me in a TERRIBLE slot?

Hello everyone,

So this is my first year in track.

I have done basketball and Irish Dance over the years, so I supposed I would try track as well.

You see, I'm a twin, so it seems like whatever I do I always get paired in the same thing with her

She is the 2nd slowest runner in ALL of track. You see, on the other hand, I am the fastest out of the girls in track and second fastest out of the boys, (According to a 100m dash).

So they have ME on the same team as her doing the 440 yard dash.

Are you kidding me?!? I might as well walk through the entire thing if I even go, If I actually try and win it, she would still get a first place medal, too. Even though she won't deserve it,

It seems like all of the slow people are on the other the other team doing it.

This makes me sooooo OFFENDED! I don't know what to do,

Should I quit track all together? Oh, and btw, EVERYONE is doing 2 things at the meet

besides me and my TERRIBLE sister!

My time in the 100 meter dash was a even 16 seconds. My sister was 19.9 seconds.

Her sprint is practically jogging. When the coaches say to jog she practically walks.

I think this will be the end of my track career.

What should I do? Quit? Get my sister to quit? I don't know.

I have practice tonight,

Please reply as soon as possible!!!!

Have a good day.


Well, according to my coaches, they tell me I am really fast and I am a great runner.

They never tell that to my sister.

Trust me, me and my sister did some weird basketball camp thing and NEVER ONCE were we not paired. Being a twin sucks. I hate it. EVERYTHING I AM PAIRED WITH HER!!!! I can't stand track anymore.

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    Seriously? Do you get the concept of a team? If your coaches put you on a relay team with someone who is slow and you're really as good as you claim, you're probably the anchor. I was on my school's track team for two years and I can tell you that everyone on a relay team gets to carry the weight of another person. You should work on your attitude and help your sister improve, not try and get her to quit. If you really feel your placement is unfair, talk to your coach. Sure, it's their job to place you in races, but they're also there to train you and help you improve. They probably had good reason for putting you on the team.

    Being track is often more of a team sport than an individual sport, you may want to work on your sportsmanship and ability to be a team player.

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    Well, in middle school I had the fastest 400 meter ( 54 seconds ) and the school record. I was paired up with the two other fastest kids in the 400 and a REALLY slow kid for the 4x400. I was really pissed because I wanted the school record in the 4x400. When the slow kid ran, he knew that we all wanted the record so he took off and ended up running a 74 second dash. But I realized something, he really tried his hardest. You have to understand that some people are just not able to run fast, it's not their fault. Also, your sister is probably stressing out about the fact that you will hate her if she does poorly. You should go tell her that no matter what she does, you will be proud of her because each relay team doesn't win because of the anchor, they win because each and every person on that team gave it their best.

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    Don't quit keep going at it. Practice like you are in a meet. Prove the coaches wrong and show them what you are made of. I run the 100 dash in 13 seconds and under. So if you want to be really good you need to push your self

    Source(s): Running track since 7th grade Junior in High school now
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