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Am I Crazy For Stockpiling Guns, Ammo, Food, Etc?

Look, I served in the US Army for 10 years, and I've seen service in Iraq, Afghanistan, and believe it or not during Hurricane Katrina. I have seen the social, economic, and moral breakdown that is caused by a catastrophe like that, the looting, armed gangs, even civilian vigilantes manning checkpoints.

To me it seemed like anarchy, the Wild West, and we (I served in the 82nd Airborne Division) were like the sheriffs coming in to clean up the town. I saw the bodies even cleaned them up, people were not happy, I could hear gunshots in the distance at some points. I live on a North Carolina coastal community where hurricanes are a real threat that could jeopardize our safety and easily cause a survival, or life or death situation. I have 15 guns, AR-15s, semi-automatic rifles, pistols, shotguns, and a lot of ammunition. In addition I have stockpiled MREs and canned foods plus I have three cars that are special purpose, with bull guards, and even a winch. I don't consider myself crazy, but my neighbors, friends, even my parents think I am. It seems like I am preparing for the zombie apocalypse, but if a hurricane strikes, I want to be able to defend my neighbors, and even hand out guns, and be able to feed them and if necessary get around to get more supplies and people.

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  • Andy
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    No your not crazy for being prepared. Your crazy for letting bunches of people know what you have stockpiled though. I always laugh when I see these idiots on the show Doomsday Preppers on TV showing off the stuff they have. They aren't very smart to my way of thinking. Don't you imagine that if people know what you have that as soon as they don't have it they are going to go looking for people that do? If I had stuff set aside, I WOULDN'T TELL ANYONE!!!!

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  • Quinn
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    Being crazy and being wrong are two different things. I don't think you are either - maybe eccentric, but aren't we all?

    In 1979 I bought a little known survivalists magazine which quite clearly stated that when a natural disaster such as a major hurricane strikes an area all civil and government authority will breakdown and it went on to detail what would happen such as running out of fuel, looting, all highways leading out of the affected area turned into a parking lot, shelters running out of capacity and much much more. The point is that after Katrina, I re-read this old mag and was struck by how exactly it described what happened in New Orlean and Louisiana.

    My advice to you is NOT to advertise what you are doing. When the big one hits your area, there will be plenty of time and opportunities to demonstrate how right you were and are, but in the meanwhile all it will do in letting others know of your preparation is making you a target of thieves and even more so in the hours leading up to the disaster. Stay under the radar.

    And thank you for your service.

    PS: you got room for one more? ;-)

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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    I live and hunt Alaska........ a place were carrying and using guns can be a daily thing.

    To me, you are pretty spot on. People in the USA are totally unfamiliar with emergencies and have no friggen clue what to do if the local supermarket is closed. Maybe they have half a bottle of bleach in the laundry room they kinda think could be used to clean up water - but - no idea how much to add.

    Although your neighbors will call you 'nuts' - having a nut like you in the neighborhood means when things go to hell in a handbasket they will have somone to rely on when all else fails. Food, water, and temp shelter are the most basic needs - having guns just means you get to keep what you have.

    Me - I have two 4x4 - one is a F-250 crew cab...... but it is the 4X4 ATV's with tag-along trailers I figure are the most important if my family need to get mobile. Most of today 4x4 trucks are only good enough to get you out of what two wheel drive got you into. That - and your truck is only going to get you as far as everyone else can with a truck - having an ATV or two lets you much much farther.

    Only thing you are missing is knowlege - medical for example. Get some advanced EMT training, or, a PA, nurse, or doc as a buddy you would be in pretty good shape. You should have a chat with your local doc - in Alaska most docs will give you 20-30 oxycodine for emergency use...... you bring them back in a year, trade them in for fresh ones.

    A little technical know-how about solar, wind, and water power is handy. An alternator from a dead car can be your key to bright lights at night - if you know who to make it turn by wind or water - and connect up to a battery bank. Even a small, roll up, solar panel - can help keep your truck moving when the battery gets damaged or drained.

    Right now - I think you are personally set ok. Now, it's time to do some networking and find other similar thinking people like you in your town or area that have different skill sets. The more diversified your group is - the better it's chance for survival and not having as difficult a time as others.

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    Maybe a little, but it does pay to be prepared. The most important thing is that you are equally prepared for the most probable, that life will go on as it pretty much always has, rather than the improbable. Remember that the world and even the US worse times were during the great depression and WWII and even the 60's. The times right now are not too bad as long as we get a decent rudder on the ship soon. In recent natural disasters there has not been too much need for armed defense and even though everything was uncomfortable and inconvenient, there was not widespread starvation.

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    If that is what you want to do, then do it. If those same friends, family and neighbors come running should anything happen, when they knock on the door, ask them for the password. If the password is "I'm Sorry, you were not crazy", and only that, you let them in. Or at the very least give them a hard time for the first 90 or so second, just for the looks on their faces.

    Main thing to always remember, you do not have to explain to anyone, what spend you money on, or how much of it you spend on things they do not want or think anyone else should need. But you do have the right to ask them, why when things go TU, they are coming to you asking for for the very things they complained about you buying, as well as why they think they should in fact partake of what you have. But one thing is certain, a few weeks worth of MREs or any stored foods, vs having nothing at all, does not sound crazy when your own home and transportation, is under 10 feet of water or just plain gone, for many of those that will become instant have nots.

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    The problem is that so many people know you have all of this. Whos to say a neighbor isnt going to come over all like "hey neighbor I need help" as soon as you let them in they can kill you and take what they want.

    I am not a prepper. I have enough ammo, and enough food to get me buy for a month or two at a time. BUT I have enough that if I had to pack up and move it would be simple and easy, I wouldnt need a Uhaul to move all of my gear. I could probably carry my essentials on my back. I dont see the point in having a bunch of guns with thousands of rounds of ammo. You have too much to pick up and move, you would pretty much have to sit in one spot and fight it out till either you win or the bad guy gets you.

    This isnt the walking dead where you get to sit ontop of a house and shoot zombies. The more gear you have and the more you flaunt it the bigger of a target you become. I would take 3 nice guns that run flawlessly over 15 guns that just run. I would take a couple ammo cans of ammo over thousands of rounds. I would take one solid vehicle over 3 others.

  • Jeff
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    8 years ago

    Urban and suburban society gets a little crazy after 3 days without flush toilets.

    I am all for prepping... but one question always bugs me.

    How do I keep what I have? After all- after a week or two your panic stricken neighbors are gonna notice that your calm cool and collected (not to mention a fresh smear of grape jelly on your T shirt).

    Who's army will keep the hoards away? A man (or two with a gun) may hold off a mob for a little - but you have to sleep sometime.

    Run to the hills? I figure every third person -prepared or not- will have the same idea. Get stuck on the road, you are not defensible for long.... make it... the roaming hoards will find you sooner or later.

  • 8 years ago

    Well, it's not crazy to be prepared. To be able to rough it for a few months, maybe even a few years. I think if it becomes an obsession, then it may be unhealthy for you, but not crazy necessarily. If you have it as a side hobby and being prepared, fine, just don't let it take you over, OK? Like for example, building like a 20 foot bunker in the ground with like 15 years of food.

    That would be taking it a little far!

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