What is she going to think when she finnaly see's me? (I'll aswer your question)?

So I was dating a girl I was 16 and she was 15, We would talk ALL night and have the greatest conversations over the summer, Well we both fell in love with each other and then I would sneak in her house at night and we would mess around, Well one night on my way to her house (She convinced me to come see her even though i was on probation) Well I got pulled over and then they took me to jail because I had violated probation.

She told me she would wait for me even though i knew i was going to be locked up around 8 months, (August 7th - April 15th) Well as time passed, around September she went to homecomeing with some guy (She didn't go to the dance) I know she was talking to guys, And then in october she made out with someone and then january she told me she had little feelings for someone but she stopped talking to them because she wanted me. Well around december was the first time i cussed her out and told her mean things because i felt like she had changed because she was going to partys and drinking and stealing stuff. And then When she told me she had feelings for someone i went off on her again.

Well one day out of the blue she decieded that she wanted to leave me. I begged her not too and then thats when she finnally told me she made out with someone in october, thats when i flipped out and i threatened her and then she wanted to stop talking to me completly after a while we started talking again and she wanted to help me but she said our relationship was over for good. And then I believe one of her friends called her and acted like one of my friends and threatened her and so we stopped talking for good but i still want her back and i feel like we didnt even have a chance to have a real relationship because i was locked up.

Well now i found out that I have to go to her highschool in october which will be 6 months without talking to each other and 1 year and 2 months with out seeing each other so what should i expect?

1. Is she going to say anything to me?

2. What should i expect?

3. What would be the first thing i should say to her?

4. How do i show her that i've changed?

5. And what am i supposed to do the very first time we see each other (eye contact)

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  • 8 years ago
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    1. That all depends becasue you were a reall jackass to her for saying all those mean things to her, but that was then so it really depends on how she has changed since then.

    2. Based on what I've said in 1, she might actually talk to you because you guys have been thorough a lot and despite everything you guys did have a connection that could in fact still be there.

    3. You should apologize for all the bad things you said to her becase you are trying to show her that you've changed and in order to get her back you're gonna need to start with a clean slate.

    4.Try doing the same thing you did before when you guys were together, make her remember the good times you guys have had. Also you can say hi to her, start conversations with her (start with small talk, then work your way up cuz you did a lot of damage) and if things are going well you can proceed to asking her out again and make sure you tell her that things will be different because losing her was one of the worst things to ever happen to you (or something similar to that, cuz u probably don't want to say something that cheesy)

    5. When you see her for the first time like I said in 1 it can go good or bad. Try smiling at her or waving, bottom line just do something to make her know you're there.

    Overall what happened between you guys when you went away must have been hard becasue you both were lonley and the only reason she probably moved. She must have missed the idea of having someone to be with which is why long distance is not easy to deal with. Hopefully my advice has helped you and things do go well for you. :)

    Also would you mind answering mines?


  • 8 years ago

    I'd say it will take some time to gain her friendship back. She may not want to talk to you right away. Definite eye contact! And actions speak louder then words. Do things to prove that you've changed. It may be a while but if you're sincere she'll believe you.

    Answer my question also please!!

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