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CAR AUDIO STATIC Through car speakers not subs?

i can not find this on the internet, my sound will play fine then all of a sudden there is a violent static, then it will go away for a couple of seconds then come back. If i turn my car left, it will go to complete static, until i straighten out my wheel.

JVC Head Unit

JL 500/1 MONO amp

2 JL w1v2

Stereo is grounded through harness

Amp is grounded to chasis

Any Help?????

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    I would have to guess that there is probably a loose connection behind the deck that is causing the static. When the car moves, the wires probably move around where the connection is and that's what gives you your static. It could also be that bare wires may be touching together behind the deck and that can give you static through all the speakers. Either way I would just check all the connections in the dash and wrap them with electrical tape to make sure no wires are bare. In the case of the subs, I'm assuming they are wired directly to the head unit and they would be on an entirely separate connection than the speakers and that is why you don't notice interference in them.

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    Take the suspect speaker out and attempt it with yet another sound source. I guess that's broken. Static in a speaker is commonly brought about via that's voice coil leads being frayed. looking heavily, you be able to work out the little braid with harm. that would nicely be patched with a tiny little bit of solderwhen this is the difficulty. Blasting the audio gadget will do this to them in the event that they are able to't manage the abuse. A stereo won't in any respect sound greater useful than its worst speaker.

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