what's the DEAL with this guy? honest opinion PLEASE! ;)?

I wish a guy i went to high school with four years ago a happy birthday and he wishes me a happy bday a couple of days later. He strikes up a conversation on facebook, saying he hasn't seen me in forever and that he actually comes down to my university often to visit friends and is surprised he hasn't bumped into me. (he lives in my city, btw) i tell him that he should let me know next time he's here and we can get lunch. he said he'll let me know.

Two days later he indirectly asks for my phone number and during the next 3 weeks, we end up texting a lot, maybe 5 days out of the 7 for basically the whole day haha. He's being really nice in the messages and we're learning about each other's lives, and there's subtle flirtation sometimes.

He indirectly asks me to hang out and we end up seeing each other and talking for 5 hours. At the end, he doesn’t say anything about seeing me again, but a couple of hours later I get a text from him and he says he really had fun and we should do it again. Then we flirt through text more.

I’m confused....we weren't close in high school. just sat together in one class for half a year, but never hung out outside of class.....we'd make small talk in class, but he never flirted with me! And why more flirtation over text but less in person?.......

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    8 years ago
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    People are strange, when your a stranger. You have both changed, and now you like each other.

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