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How long it would take to move on ?

If a girl was in love with a guy for over a year but nothing happened between them she tried all she could but now she Hasent seen or talkt to him in for months is she over him or she's still in love with him or he lost his chance. Will she erase him out of her mind forever

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    It could be either depending on the girl, herself.

    If it were me and depending on the situation why nothing occurred or why we lost contact then I would say he lost his chance as no contact means no regard.

    I, personally, would prefer a good argument/ discussion and have our peace/ say than live with what if?! I probably would still feel something, but if he left me high and dry after I done all the chasing and put my neck on the line then I would still consider it a dead end road - the feeling has to be reciprocated and he had that chance, he snubbed me so forget him and as one door opens.......

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    Not if she doesn't want too. Love can be a powerful thing that you never have to forget, even if it doesn't work out.

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