RC Boat Hull for Ocean?

I want to build an RC boat as a DIY project but I don't have much experience.

First step is to choose a hull... can anyone suggest a shape/style of hull that would be a good starting point?

I live by the beach and will use it mainly in the ocean, so I want it to be able to handle rough water as well as possible. I don't really care much about speed, but I want it to be steady and reliable. I will be careful to use materials that are good for saltwater.


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  • 8 years ago
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    Unless you are planning on a really large boat - 5 feet or more - with corresponding batteries and motors - I don't think you will have much luck running the more common small scale RC boats on the ocean - even a small wave pattern will overwhelm something 18-24" long.

    Everything will have to be sealed as much as possible and made to be washed down after use - salt water is rough on electronics and the fact that you need to have an exposed antenna is going to make life more difficult. You may need to look at surf rescue boats for a model unless you have in mind a cigarette boat model, which tends to be fully enclosed because of smashing through the waves.

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    Source(s): Boat Plans http://renditl.info/BoatProjects
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