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Do fat people fall faster than thin people?

I thought thin people would fall faster as they are more streamlined, and i thought weight doesn't make any difference to how faster something falls (9.8ms^-2 if no air resistance) but a few people have disagreed with me so what do you think?

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    It doesn't matter the "weight" of the object when falling at freefall. The terminal velocity is measured to be at 122 mph. Meaning that if you neglect air resistance and object architecture. A free falling body will not fall faster than 122 mph.

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    Joughne gave the high-quality and most accurate answer. Your question is an effective one. Streamling is possibly not probably the most predicament. I constantly concept that density was essentially the most significant item when it comes to "air resistance." if you have a ping pong ball and a steel ball bearing of the same size, they would each have the identical streamlining characteristics. However air resistance would have a better effect on the ping pong ball. A fats person often has a relatively reduce density than a skinny person (feel of ease of floating in water), and a greater cross part, each of which would permit for a better influence of air resistance. In the event that they weighed the same, then the fats character would definitely fall slower. However the better mass when compared to the density of the air would counteract that some. It can be no longer clear to me who would fall rapid. There can be a change, but it might usually be mild.

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