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A 0.900 block slides on a frictionless, horizontal surface with a speed of 1.32m/s . The block encounters an unstretched spring with a force constant of 252N/m. Before the block comes to rest it is in contact with the spring for 9.39×10−2sec. If the block's initial speed is increased, does the total time the block is in contact with the spring increase, decrease, or stay the same? Find the total time of contact for v= 1.72m/s , m= 0.900kg , and k= 252N/m .

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  • 8 years ago
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    Bedcause v^2 is proportional to s a will be constant as a will be constant time will increase in the same proportion as velocity. The new time will be (1.72/1.32)*9.39×10−2 = 12.23*10^-2 or 1.23*10^-1 s

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