what would a security gurads career objectives be?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I no longer put that on any resume I write. A piece on CNN and several experts that I have read says the job or career objective is now obsolete but you can google search this and provide one that meet mostly to you and what you want to gain within a career.

    You can say something like "To gain personal growth and learn knowledge of an exciting career in security"

    But between me and you, go to school or seek police or correctional employment because security jobs is low paying and its no future within that field. You would not be respected by most of the guest and managers. Managers and Employers only care about one thing which is increasing the company bottom line and the people that would assist them with that goal. You are taking money so they do not care about you and how you feel so do not complain because you would be let go without hesitation. I know alot of security officer/Guards that move from job to job. Its a low paying job because within their mind, you do not do anything and aren't important. This is the hard truth on employers within real world

  • Rob
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    8 years ago

    perform the job and stay alive.

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