Poeple with TATTOO experience please help a brother out!... Did my artist steal my deposit?

Just got my first tattoo and have 2 questions for anyone who has some serious tattoo experience or maybe an artist....

1.) I put down a deposit of $175 with a couple drawings to make an appointment a few weeks back. At the time I told the artist I MIGHT be interested in getting color but I wasn't sure yet. So i left the $175 deposit and was told it would come off my bill when the tattoo was complete. A couple of days ago my artist finished the outline for my tattoo, upon paying for it he wouldn't let me take the deposit out of the $300 total.

He says "I don't do outline work so someone else can step in and color it in, anyone could color in a tattoo, I did all the hard work and you will get your deposit back when I finish coloring it. The tattoo is not complete, once it is you will get the deposit back"

He also wouldn't let me bring home MY drawing plans for the color tattoo, saying he would keep them in my folder so I wouldn't bring them somewhere else. Anyways, I love the tattoo and want to keep it just how it is, I dont want to add color or shading at least not right now. Do I have grounds to demand my deposit back? Or is that pointless in the tattoo game? IDK I just dont want to pay $475 for a $300 outline yea know. Shouldn't I be the one who determines when the tattoo is done? Need someone who knows this business.

Additionally: wondering if i can swim a week after getting the tattoo? In a pool. If i cover it w basitration so the water kind of beads up around it maybe would that be a good idea just a week after getting it done?

Thanks in advance for helping me out guys

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  • 8 years ago
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    first off DO NOT SWIM AFTER A WEEK! PLEASE PLEASE wait at least a month before swimming taking a long bath etc. even putting something over it is risking, unless you want a jacked up tattoo. now as for the deposit. it should have been deducted from the initial price. but I can see where he is coming from saying if I do the color youll get it back. he basically took your money though. theres nothing you can really so since you signed a waver. sorry:/

    Source(s): experience with tattoos
  • 8 years ago

    If YOU drew them up, you have every right to keep them. If HE drew them up, you do not. Your deposit is applied to the finished tattoo. He DID do the hard part, and he doesn't want to see his time and effort go out the door to some scratcher. You're not getting ripped off. He's just protecting his work for the agreed price. He hasn't stolen anything. Take care.

    Source(s): I'm a professional tattoo artist, 10 yrs.
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