Possible Adult ADhHD?

I am on medication for anxiety and have had anxiety issues my whole life but my medication works great for it. I use to have depression and was medocated for that also. I am now 20 years old and have a good job which I love and i am really movin on in lige and progressing.

I have had family member and friends tell me thy think i have adhd because of my hyperactive behaviour, my huge lack of concentration & focus. I have had this all through secondary school and was rather disruptive in classes. My driving instructors have asked me.of i have concentration issues (i have failed 3 x) due to me npt bein able to stay focus and too much carry on in head. I am not saying.i have it i am just asking advice given my mental health records.

Thanks x

1 Answer

  • Yes. It sounds very much like adhd. Tell your doctor. If it's your primary care doctor and he says no, get a second opinion from a psychiatrist.

    Source(s): I have adhd, though it's the non-hyperactive type.
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