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Getting my horse back into riding?

I started looking after a horse just before Christmas. He hasn't been ridden in about 2 years and I'm starting to ride him again. We have a close bond and he is fine with a saddle but it takes me a while to put the bit in his mouth, he grits his teeth. After the bit is in his mouth he is fine with it, he doesn't play with it or anything, he just has a really sensitive mouth. He doesn't spook at anything and he will let me get on and off his back without moving. He is just very lazy! He isn't scared of a whip and he won't go faster than walk! I can get a few strides of trot from him but that's it! Without a rider he will gallop with a saddle and bridle but when I'm riding him, he won't move! It's really bugging me! He isn't my horse, he is 13.1hh and 13 years old. I'm 14 so I'm not too big for him. Can you help me?

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    if hes only 13.1 hands, hes a pony. they're very lazy and aren't the fastest little animals. but you could try using some spurs on him but just don't be to rough because he may hurt you. what kind of whip are you using? try using an over and under or a quirt. they both work very well. and as for a bit....get him up everyday just to put a bit in his mouth, when he takes it, take it back out, give him a treat, and put him up. or maybe try using a softer bit on him because it could be hurting him

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    Hmm, he sounds like an unmotivated horse. The worse you can do is use force to do things, such as use whips or your legs. Motivation is the key. If he likes food try putting a barrel or a bucket with a carrot on it at one side of the arena and one on the opposite and walk from one to the other, placing a new carrot each time he eats it. After a while he'll start trotting from one to the other and then cantering. After that you can start adding a circle to the straight lines, then two, then three and so on..

    Same with the bit. MOTIVATION. Place a carrot behind the bit and make him try to get it. The first few times you let him get the carrot just by fiddling with the bit. Then you try to ensure he gets the bit and as soon as he does you give him a piece of carrot...you keep doing this without putting his bridle on you just take it on and off..soon he'll see the bit, get it in his mouth and you'll be able to give him the prize at that point. Patience is a skill you need.

    If you follow this you'll have a happy and collaborative horse. Just remember, no legs, no whip, it just makes things worse.

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    First off, u don't need a fancy instructor. As long as the pony has nothing medically wrong with him , then by the sounds of things he is just seeing what he can get away with! Don't push him straight into work as this is just what it will become, work. Instead start by going out on 20-30 min hacks only in walk. This is fun and interesting for the pony and he will be in a more positive mind towards riding next time. When you start schooling,only walk for a good 30-45 mins but this is not to just include flat out walking!you can do halt transitions, walk over poles and general circles serpentinise and figure of 8s etc. then start to introduce trot work into the next few rides. But keep it fun and interesting! Do some trotting poles and make him halt over them etc as he will have to think about what he is doing and engage his mind, which will also make him listen to you more! Only introduce canter when you can get a comfortable forward trot from him almost immediately when u ask him. Don't think about jumps until he is responsive and listens to your aids. always end each ride on a positive note, weather it's doing some nice responsive trot transitions or a full course of jumps, never ever finish the ride by getting fed up or when he gets away with something cheeky! This will make him think if he's bad be gets to go back into his stable/field! Be patient!!! And good luck! Xx

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    have u got the saddle fitter out? or the back person out? putting the saddle on him hes probably ok but when u put weight on him he could be in some discomfort so i would probs get someone out to look at his tack and his back. if that is all ok try and do some walk, halt transitions with him so he keeps moving. try and make things a bit more exciting for him. does he do this out hacking? or in the school. which ever one it is try and make it all a bit more exciting for him. take him somewhere new out hacking and when ur on the school try doing lots of different transitions and circles and Serpentine and maybe some pole work. you might need to do some ground work with him as well, like lunging and long reining trying to get him to think forwards. also when riding ask someone to watch you ride (im not saying you cant ride) coz some riders when they ask their horses to move forwards they accidentally do something else as well for example squeeze to go forwards but then they accidentally pull the reins which tells them to stop. so he might just be a bit confused of what ur asking him. hope this helps xox

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    If it's not a back problem then it's most likely he's just being a brat.Get someone to go behind you with a whip (if this is possible) and when he won't do as he's told give him a dig of your heels and get the person behind to give him a hard smack at the same time. It will shake him up and he'll think it was you that hit which will make him a lot more co-operative in the future.

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