Should I tell him about what I did?

A month before our 1 year anniversary, I kissed another guy on a night out. My boyfriend and I are at uni in different countries and have been since September. We have been managing fantastically to keep up a long-distance relationship, which at the age of 19 I had always been proud of. I don't often go out at uni simply because I can't function in class the next day, but close to the end of last term I went out with my block from halls. Unfortunately, after having had far too much to drink I shared a kiss with a boy who lives a few floors above me. The incident made me very upset and being so drunk a flatmate took me home soon after. About 6 weeks have passed since and I am torn as to whether I should tell him. I know he deserves to know so he has a say in what happens in our relationship. However, he suffers from a form of anxiety and studies medicine at uni - it's very close to his end of year exams and he is under lots of pressure and stress at the minute. The main thing keeping me from telling him is that I am afraid of affecting his exams negatively.

I love my boyfriend very much, so much so that I am transferring to a uni at home (the same one as him) so we can be closer. ***just FYI, I made this decision months ago, it has nothing to do with me cheating.

I don't know what to do...telling him is the right thing but I am so worried it would affect him really badly, especially at such a stressful time. What advice do you all have?

Thanks in advance.

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    If you're afraid it's going to affect his exams and studies, then I would wait. But I agree that he does deserve to know. I mean communication and being honest are very important keys in a relationship. It's reall your choice, but I have a feeling if you don't it's just going to tear you up on a daily basis.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Honestly usually i would always say honesty is the beat policy but in reading how it was only a kiss and how your moving to be near him and how much you love him id say keep it to yourself and never so it again ever if you had sex I think you should tell him but you didn't so just learn from it telling him that might ruin your guyses trust forever. So I wouldn't mention it but learn from it iand from here on out stay true good luck

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