Suicide? I just don't want to be here anymore. I want out.?

I don't know what to do anymore. I hate life. I want to die! I'm serious. I'm not trying to seek attention by this, I just want help! I always feel like the unwanted one at home. I can tell my parents but all they say is that it's my fault and I'm doing it to myself. I could change if I wanted to, it's a something that I chose to feel, etc. I have attitude and I rebel, no doubt about it. But my sister, so does she! But everything ALWAYS gets blamed on me. Whenever she has attitude they just tell her not to have it but whenever I do, they give me a lecture me and threaten to slap me and I hate it. They always say I could change, I've told them I can't when my sister always treats me like ****. It sticks, so I take my anger to her out on life. I can't tell anyone this, not my friends, not my family, not my boyfriend, no one. I don't want to go to a school councillor because Im in a small school and everyone would know I don't want it. I have struggled with bullying in the past and still do. Half of this doesn't make sense and the thing is, this isn't even 1/2 the things that make me hate life. It's like whenever I have the chance to tell someone how I feel, I go blank. I just need help. I need someone to talk to. I need real happiness again, not fake happiness. I just want to die.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Stay strong! I was like that when I was younger! you get over it eventually! just try and stay positive and look into the sites these other people suggested! If you reach out to a counselor at school it shall remain confidential! and you can let them be aware of this! but I don't think you should make your family seem abusive if theyre really not you for slapping here n there or something not big deal! back in the day they kicked my ***! lol not so funny but not worth getting them arrested ! since Americans are fast to take kids from their homes or arrest people! anyhow as long as you're not in danger at home! then reach out for help and just get it! try and find some new chick friends! that you can spend time and open up with as well! keep urself busy with hobbies!

  • 8 years ago

    Dying seems the best way to die!! It so is simple . Well if you have already secided to kill yourself then y hesitate!!?? You are gonna die no matter what.. So can you jus think for a second of what will the impact be on others if you die!?? Well if you think they'll just move on as soon as you die! Then what is the point.. I suggest you better make all of the regret like hell when you are not around anymore.. Make them cry when you are gone.. That is the best revenge you can take on others who have made you suffer!! Take your revenge in a way that makes all of them regret!! Live like what others just dream !! You are crying too hard to look beyond the tears!! Stop crying then you can rise above!! You aren't meant to die jus like that!! Its lake a lot more courage to live than die!! If you wanna talk to some one unbiased jus mail me ..

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    8 years ago

    suicide is not the answer!

    vent here

    write your parents, of boyfreind or whoever you want to tell, an email, expressing how you feel, it gets better

    i care x

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    8 years ago

    Here is a link that I think will help you out.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    i cant say i know what its like but perhaps i can help and listen to your troubles.

    i am gonna give you my email adress if you want to talk please email me

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