does a non costodial parent have to pay for birth control?

does a parent who is paying child support have to have for birth control?"

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    What do the court papers say? It may be listed under insurance/health/medical. A lot of that is 50/50.

  • Kai
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    8 years ago

    Well, if the non-custodial parent doesn't want more kids, yea, he/she should pay for his/her own birth control. If the custodial parent doesn't want more kids, he/she should be paying for his/her own birth control. As far as the kid goes, both parents should be contributing to the kid's birth control. And sometimes birth control is covered by insurance. Because if the kid gets preg, who's responsible for supporting that [grand]kid? Of course, you could raise your kid to have enough respect and consideration of you (and the world) to not get pregnant (until he/she is making enough of his/her own money to pay for birth control). And if the kid is old enough to have sex, maybe he/she should first get a job (obviously, he/she has enough spare time for sex that could be used otherwise) and make some money to pay for his/her own birth control (and you as the parent should agree to birth control should a doctor call for parental permission).

  • 4 years ago

    scientific costs could be defined in the court docket order. in many cases, scientific costs are cut up between the two in spite of who has placement except there is a few thing else listed in the court docket order. it quite is, of direction, if the tablets are prescribed via a doctor. If there is not any prescription, the custodial parent pays.

  • Marcus
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    8 years ago

    God I hope not should be grounds for a custody change since the custodial parent is UNFIT!

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