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Possible pregnancy? Advice.?

My bf and I had sex during my fertile time. We used a spermicidal condom and withdrawal. The condom didn't break. If by any chance, any leaked out, would the spermicide from the condom kill the pre c*m?

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    Pre-cumm rarely needs killing bc there's rarely sperm-containing semen in it.

    The term pre-cumm doesnt mean it's anything like cumm, aka, semen. PC is made by the body in the lubrication glands at the base of the penis for lubrication only.

    Semen is a mixture of fluids from the prostate, seminal vesicles which are near the bladder and testes. The testes produce the sperm which make up only abt 10% of the ejac by volume.

    It's poss some a lil semen can be squeezed out of his prostate/seminal vesicles when he's excited and travel down the urethra to where the lube glands squeeze out the lube and mix w/ the lube.

    some males can learn to restrain their pre-cumm along w/ their cumm, but it's frustrating restraining both.

    For bc try intra-vaginal foams, jellies and sheets. They contain spermicide and are inserted into the vag at a certain time b4 intercourse and dissolve leaving the vag coated w/ the spermicide. The film is placed over the opening in the cervix and dissolves into the opening.

    Using the intra-vaginal bc, there's no need for feeling-killing condoms that break, come off etc.

    Often no Rx is needed for them @ Walmart, etc. Or check w/ Planned Parenthood.

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