tufoil & techron in Honda Civic?

I am taking in my Honda for its 60,000mi fluid change. When I spoke with service rep, he did not recommend using techron and he never even heard about tufoil. He did recommend using 0w30 instead of the usual 5w30 in my Honda. I do very light driving, about 300mi/week and probably 200mi of that is on cruise control.

I am a firm believer in preventive maintenance and spending $20 on tufoil and techron every 3000 miles does not bother me. Is there a real reason why service reps do not recommend oil/fuel additives for Honda? I realize that these additives will not make me notice a big mpg gain or a rise in engine HP. I am trying to use preventive maintenance to get 400,000 out of my car rather than usual 300,000 hondas go...

Will these additives actually do harm to Honda engines? Will i notice engine life increase, assuming i drive the car till it dies?

Thanks ahead


Thanks for awesome answers so far. This is a 2007 Honda Civic Dx. I hate car shopping and i hate doing unplanned corrective maintenance. I'd much rather spend extra $$ to do preventive maintenance at my leisure than have to deal with corrective maintenance. I think my honda has timing chain, not belt.Please correct me if i am wrong on belt vs chain thing. MobilOne 0w-30 is that dealer suggested for oil and that is what they will use when i take it in this week.

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    They won't hurt anything. The fuel additive is a good idea if its one that fights ethanol gunk. Also I wouldn't change oil weight. Use whats recommended

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    READ carefully! HONDA approved oil already HAS the right additives in it! In other words if the name HONDA does not appear on the OIL YOU CHOOSE it is NOT the right engine oil! CHEVRON is good fo the INJECTORS, but TUFOIL Is more for engines made by other car makers! NEVER use wax based or CHEAP OIL CHANGES in this engine! Use MOBIL ONE 0W-30 oil and add NOTHING! Get a MOTOR FLUSH first to quick start a cleaning process. MOBIL ONE will add MORE LIFE to the engine and more life to your sensors and converters! It is the FACTORY fill on most engines made for the US! 0W-30 is the NEWEST MOBIL ONE oil type and is a pure synthetic one! TOTAL ENERGY oil from France makes a GREAT HONDA exclusive oils well. AMSOIL does to with a 25k mile change interval! PENNZOIL ULTRA for HONDA gives a 15 year 500k mile warranty on OIL PROBLE$MS! <<<<HINT>>>>>Take $20 to the local oil change center and have your THROTTLE BODY and IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE cleaned up to SHOWROOM clean! <<<<the IACV fine tunes the AIR entering the engine and a CLEAN ONE will guarantee that your AIR/FUEL mixture is RIGHT ON PERFECT! LEARN where it IS and how to clean it! Run GUMOUT through your PCV VALVE and other vacuum port to clean the PISTON TOPS rings and valve heads! I also use AMSOIL POWER FOAM to properly tune ALL ASIAN ENGINES! YOU did NOT mention the YEAR of engine! OLDER honda engines had TIMING BELTS and newer ones have TIMING CHAINS! The ones with a BELT must get replaced;aced BEFORE they break! ENGINE DAMAGE will result if the TIMING BELT breaks on you! VERY EXPENSIVE! Newer HONDA engines with TIMING CHAINS will not need as much attention over time! USE ONLY GENUINE HONDA COOLANT and get the BRAKE FLUID and all other fluids Changed every 3-4 years! BRAKE FLUID spoils and will take down expensive BRAKE components like CALIPERS< master cylinders and even ABS pumps! ALL BRAKE FLUIDS collect moisture from the air and turn into liquid sandpaper and SLUDGY GOO with time! IT MUST BE POWER FLUSHED OUT every 3-4 years to "TUNE" the brake system up!

    Source(s): KEEP A COPY Of this advice to refer to! LEARN where the IAC is and how to clean it! USE ONLY HONDA APPROVED engine oil and forget about VISCOSITY ratings that mean really NOTHING! When you are BORED< go to an AUTO PARTS store and read LABELS! Only 15% will have thename HONDA written on it! These are the ONLY OIL TYPES you should use, and they have ALL the honda approved ADDITIVES you will ever need! There is only ONE additive I recommend and it comes from GERMANY! it is CERA-TEC! IT will EXTEND engien life by adding CERAMIC COATINGS to thinning engien parts and return MORE fuel mielage and longer life! PLEASE be sure to learn about the IAC valve! A CLEAN ONE will keep your OCNVERTER and expensvie sensors CLEANEST! Send me $400 for this advice as you will SAVE MORE money in time than you can COUNT! (LOL) Good luck!!
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