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would cross country be good for a pitcher?

I am a left handed pitcher throwing about 77-80 with a good off speed and i really want to increase the velocity on my fastball along with my other pitches but i only weigh about 135 pounds and i dont want to lose weight, but i heard running is good for a pitchers legs... need answers quick, please and thank you!

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    No. Long distance running over a long period of time causes your body to shed muscle so it is more efficient in running long distances. I'd say that wrestling is a much better option for developing explosive strength.

    Source(s): Never pitched in my life but I could easily throw a 70 mph fastball, wrestled for 7 years
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    No. That would be too much running. Running sprints about 1-2 days/week is normal for pitchers in pre season.

    A better approach would be a high protein diet, combined with doing reps with light weights. Working on both the arms and the legs. The high protein diet will help you to build muscle. Don't use heavy weights, because you might get injured.

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    Not really a good idea. It might be better to go on a lower body weight lifting problem.

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